Faculty of Education



Principles of Quality Assurance System

  • Higher Education Quality Assurance Regulation
  • Higher Education Quality Board and Reporting
  • Başkent University Quality Assurance System
  • Başkent University General Education Policy
  • Quality Management Agency

Duty Descriptions

  • Administration
  • Deanery- Distribution of Duties
  • Dean’s Duties and Responsibilities
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty Board
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty Administrative Board
  • Vice Dean’s Duties and Responsibilities
  • Department Chairs’ Duties and Responsibilities
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Heads of Department
  • Job Description of Research Assistants
  • Job Description of Faculty Secretary
  • Job Description of Dean’s Secretaries
  • Job Description of Department Secretary
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Course and Exam Schedule Coordinator
  • Job Description of Technical Staff
  • Job Description of Auxiliary Staff


  • Checklist for EPDAD Application Process
  • Supply Request Form for Graduation Gown
  • Annual Leave Application Form
  • Alumni Info Form
  • Flow Chart Showing Steps to be Taken for Hourly Paid Instructors
  • Form for Participation in Academic Events
  • Academic Webinar Registration Form for Faculty Member


  • Guidelines for Computer Laboratory and Electronic Classroom Use
  • Guidelines for Science Laboratory Use
  • Guidelines for Mathematics Laboratory Use
  • Guidelines for Painting Classroom Use
  • Guidelines for Drama Classroom Use
  • Guidelines for Music Classroom Use
  • Guidelines for Archive Use

Documents about EPDAD

  • EPDAD Evaluator Training Workshop Notes
  • Syllabus Template
  • CV Template

Student Organizations

  • Regulation of Establishment and Operation of Student Organizations
  • Rules Related to Student Organization Activities
  • Organizations with Social and Professional Objectives

Student Council

  • Regulation of Higher Education Institutions National Student Council
  • Faculty and Department Representatives

Faculty of Education Quality Forms and Documents

Numerical Data and Statistics

  •  Information on Faculty Members
  •  Registered Student Numbers by Years
  •  Alumni Information as of 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester
  •  Information on Physical Facilities of the Faculty
  •  2017-2018 Academic Year Information Package
  •  Faculty Member in Charge within Advisor Academician Application and School Information
  •  Double Major Programs


  • National and International Scientific Projects (2017-2021)
  • Protocols and Collaborations            

Publications and Activities

  • University-Wide Information on Academic Performance of the Faculty
  • 2019-2020 Faculty of Education Academic Performance
  • 2018-2019 Faculty of Education Academic Performance
  • Regulation of Participation in Scientific Activities by Academic and Administrative Staff
  • Process of Filling up the Form for Participation in Scientific Activities on EBYS
  • Student Workshop of Creative Activities in Education          

School Experience, Teaching Practice and Field Studies

  • "National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey"- Main Field Qualifications: Teacher Training and Educational Sciences
  • Teacher Strategy Paper 2017-2023
  • General Competencies for Teaching Profession
  • Regulation of Teaching Practice
  • Guidelines for Faculty of Education Teaching Practice Course (Updated in 26.02.2021)
  • List of Faculty Members for Teaching Practice
  • List of Teaching Practice Schools

Community Service Practices

  • Guidelines for Community Service Practices
  • Program of Guidance and Psychological Counselling- E-book of Community Service Practices Projects- 2019
  • Program of Guidance and Psychological Counselling- E-book of  Community Service Practices Projects- 2020
  • 2018-2020 Activities within Community Service Practices


  • 2021 Faculty Coordinators Information 

Internal and External Stakeholders’ Evaluation Surveys and Results

  • Academic and Administrative Staff Job Satisfaction Survey
  • Student Satisfaction Survey
  • External Stakeholder Survey of School Experience and Teaching Practice
  • External Stakeholder Survey of Field Study in Guidance and   Psychological Counselling
  • 2018, Faculty of Education- External and Internal Stakeholder Survey   Results
  • Evaluation Report of Faculty of Education Students' Satisfaction Regarding Erasmus+ Exchange Program
  • 2020 Report of Başkent University Alumni Working in MoNE
  • 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester Evaluation Report of Faculty of  Education Students' and Faculty Members' Satisfaction

Matters to Consider for Exams and Related Documents

  • Calendar for Preparing Course and Exam Schedule
  • Regulation of Instruction Records and Examination and Related Forms
  • Exam Rules and Rules of Practice
  • Rules of Invigilated Online Exam Practices
  • Safe Exam Web Browser: Document about Safe Exam Browser
  •  Video of Training Provided by BÖGEM on Safe Exam Web Browser